Search Engine Ranking

Strong search engine ranking is a vital and necessary component of search engine marketing. It is a hard fact that web surfers rarely navigate beyond the first page of search results. The odds of a web surfer navigating beyond each subsequent search results page diminish exponentially with each page. Furthermore, search engines never provide results beyond the top 1000.


To satisfy the web surfer’s craving for relevant information search engines are designed to utilize powerful ranking algorithms that create a strong correlation to relevancy. Gone are the days when a web surfer could find pornographic web pages listed under just about any search term. From a marketer’s perspective, these advances in search technology are fantastic. Traffic is of little to no value if it is not targeted, and if the search engines were in the habit of frequently providing disappointing results to web surfers our best marketing strategy would be greatly diminished.

Getting the Search Rankings

Getting strong search engine placement requires a well optimized web platform with professionally crafted web pages and a robust back linking campaign.

Crafting Web Pages

To achieve strong search relevancy the content of a web page must be carefully crafted. Careful consideration is needed for the strategic selection of important key words and phrases when writing the document. The process of crafting document relevancy is an important aspect of “search engine optimization” or SEO.

Building Back Links

A “back link” is a link on someone else’s web page that points to one of your web pages. Back linking information is used heavily by search engines to determine relevancy for web pages in search results. However relevant a web page may be for any given key term, if competition is strong enough and the page is not well back-linked, rankings will be poor. Back linking is the equivalent of a voting process. Each link is treated by the search engines as a vote with a varying degree of importance. The more and or better the back links (votes), the more important the content is perceived to be.

A Transfer of Credibility

The fact that search engines are so effective at giving the strongest ranking to the most relevant information has resulted in one very important consequence. Web surfers perceive that highly ranked content is not only relevant, but credible. After all, would Google rank any web page #1 if it were not credible? This transfer of credibility is an illusion, but it is an illusion that pays big dividends! When web surfers see your web pages placed prominently in Google they often assume that your business is trust worthy, and in some cases they may even imagine that Google has performed some degree of due diligence. Naturally, this notion is completely absurd, but you’re certainly not going to tell your prospects that.