Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the most targeted form of marketing available today. Furthermore, no other form of marketing can so effectively connect businesses to customers in every corner of the globe. A popular product or service combined with solid search engine rankings can lead to a cascade of sales.

Targeted search engine marketing

The Search Engines

A search engine is a website that allows web surfers to freely search through a huge database of stored web pages. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing store billions of web pages from web sites all over the world and in every language. The web surfer simply needs to type a key word or phrase into the search field and the results are displayed in the form of a highly descriptive list of links. A click through from the link registers a direct visit to the web page.

Traffic from search engines is extremely targeted, and this results in a better sales conversion rate than any other form of marketing. This can, and often does, translate into an exceptional return on investment for the marketing dollars spent.

Millions of businesses world-wide are making substantial investments in search engine marketing, building web sites for their products and services, and then spending in some cases millions of dollars on massive marketing campaigns utilizing search engine optimization and back linking services in an attempt to strengthen their presence in search engines. As more and more people take to the search engines to find products and services, these marketing campaigns are yielding greater and greater dividends.