About Us


What We Do

WeMarketYour.COM is a full-service, fully-international, internet marketing provider. We build and market professional web platforms for businesses that want to take their marketing to the next level. WeMarketYour.COM can market your business to people world-wide in nearly any language (currently we provide marketing for up to 39 different languages).

We will perform marketing contracts for existing websites, but only if the website is a marketable platform. When necessary, we will perform optimizational improvements to your existing web platform, or even perform a complete redesign. We will not suggest a redesign for your website if we feel that it is already a great online marketing platform. We believe in maintaining a policy of preservation for all the working features in an existing web platform. Like the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

What We Don’t Do

We firmly believe that building a website for your business without also marketing that website is a waste of your money. Therefore, we will not build a website for any business unless marketing is included in the package.

Our Business Philosophy

When you commission WeMarketYour.COM to take control of your internet marketing you are effectively forming a partnership with us. For any good partnership to function symbiotically each partner must perform their duties to a level that goes far beyond just carrying their own weight. As your internet marketing partner, it will be our duty to laser focus our attention and effort to performing the mission critical task of building and managing your internet marketing strategy so that you don’t have to. This will allow you as our partner to perform the equally critical task of operating your business. If you succeed, we succeed. If you fail, we fail.

Pricing and Performance

We believe in building stable, long-term partnerships with our clients. Only mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationships are lasting relationships. This means providing your business with the maximum return on investment for your marketing dollars. If we do not believe that your business can benefit greatly from our services, or if we believe that we cannot provide those services to you at a price point that is profitable to your business, we will not form a partnership with your company. In some cases, such as with newly formed start-up companies, if the project and the situation warrants it, we will design a cost structure based on acquiring a percentage of profits. Ultimately, if we believe we cannot help you, we won’t form a contract.

Free Marketing Analysis and Consultation

If you think you may be interested in our marketing services ask about the free marketing analysis and consultation. We will analyze your business and online competition and provide a free marketing estimate including some basic tips to improve your existing web platform.

WeMarketYour.COM is a division of New Journey, Ltd.